First things first, CONGRATULATIONS!

You just said YES to the love of your life! soak it all up and embrace this new chapter of your life becuase you are officially a fiance! I still remember when my now husband proposed to me and how i felt in that exact moment. that moment sticks with you for the rest of your life. but then...the planning starts and anxiety can creep in if you don't know where to start. That is why I created this step-by-step guide for the newly engaged couple. enjoy and happy planning!

1. Live in the Moment

DUH right? actually no, you would be suprised how many people start stressing right away! sit back, take it all in, and enjoy this time with your new fiance. whether it is a weekend away or spending that time wherever they proposed. give yourselves the time to soak it in!


it's time to tell the world! ok maybe not the whole world but everyone in your lives. hopefully your significant other booked a photographer to capture the proposal, but if not, now is the perfect time for an engagement session! take the photos, post on social media, and get ready to start planning!

3. Choose the Date and Set your Budget

whether you want a short or long engagment, spring or fall is the time to lock in that date and make sure you know your budget. keep in mind that there are the busy seasons and you will need to book those vendors ASAP so the faster you agree on a budget, the faster you can reach out to thoe vendors. *** i highly reccommend starting with your venue, your photographer (uh hum, ME!, and a planner or coordinator.

4. Create a Pinterest Board

my favorite thing ever. this is the most amazing and free tool you can use. you can put together the vision of your big day and really know what vibes you are going for. once that is done, start finding vendors that match what you are looking for!

5. Create a Wedding Website

the knot & Wedding Wire...These are another great resource for all couples. you can create a website with all of youe wedding details for your guests to reference (i used this for my own wedding). it is a also one stop shop to find and book your wedding vendors!

6. Have FUN!

i know it's hard but try not to stress! enjoy the process and make the day your own. my biggest tip of all, don't do it for your it for yourselves! you deserve a day that is truly a reflection of you and your love. not one that is simply to please your guests.

happy wedding planning and making the best memories doing it!